A Brief Note on Consciousness

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God is the consciousness spawned by its own Creation. The Universe, including each and every instance of its parts; the stars; the galaxies; the beasts and the beauties – you and I – are the first and only instance of that Creative process.

This creation, once it began, has no choice but to continue onward and outward in all directions. You can personally witness this miracle by considering one of your own thoughts. A thought consists of the same basic substance of the essential “matter” of the universe itself. According to most current models of human physiology; a thought is comprised of an electrical impulse that travels along a neural pathway. At the same time, a thought consists of the physical matter that can be observed occurring as a C fiber activity in the brain. What is true of your thought is true of the universe as well. Modern physics tells us that in the world of the very small – the subatomic – at any moment, a quanta (the smallest discrete particle of existence) can be either “matter” or “energy”; it simply depends on the moment we choose to “observe” it.

Much like the universe and all “things” in it; there was a time in your brain when that thought did not exist. Then it was, and, still is. A thought occurs much like the ripples created by a stone tossed into a calm pond. What is different about our thoughts is that there is no shore! The thought simply continues on in all directions, on into infinity and beyond. Sometimes, there are related actions taken, more often the thought exists completely and only by itself.

What matters mostly, is that this thought and all other thoughts you or I or anyone has is made up of the same stuff as the fundamental building blocks of the entire universe. If you could look at any one of your thoughts as it occurred, you would witness a spectacular and startling show as magnificent as any star producing nebula albeit on a much smaller scale. And, when connected to the driving force of your intention, this thought has the creative force and sustaining quality of any creative force that has ever existed including the momentous force generated by the big bang itself!

As it turns out, there are five basic forces that comprise our universe, not four. Intention is that fifth force. Without intention the big bang is simply a great noise with spectacular momentary sights and sounds without permanent sustainability or continuing expanding substance. Intention functions exactly the same in our consciousness.

A thought might be just a thought; but a thought connected to our intention can move mountains!

[Abstracted from Science & Spiritualism by Robert Eugene Miller]
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