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One Year to Pick a President, Not a Party

We have one year to rethink elections as usual, friends. As Americans Elect, we are going to put a third choice for President on the ballot in all 50 states, and to get there is going to take ALL of us. In short: we can’t do it without you.

Here’s what we need:

FIRST: Sign up as a voting delegate for the online convention we will hold in June 2012.

SECOND: Please share this video and the link to AmericansElect.org anywhere and everywhere you can.

MOST IMPORTANT: We need you to LEAD. We need you to organize your family, friends and community around Americans Elect wherever you are.

Delegate and Campus Leaders are the cornerstones of Americans Elect. As a Leader, you will:

  • Recruit family, friends and community members to become Americans Elect delegates
  • Work towards specific recruitment goals as part of our Project 500 grassroots initiative
  • Arrange meet-ups, mini-campaigns and other events in your area or on your campus
  • Receive materials, support and guidance from Americans Elect to help you in your work
  • Win prizes and grants for your efforts
  • Take a more active role in making history, by volunteering for America’s first ever direct, nonpartisan, online presidential nominating convention.

To become a Delegate Leader email volunteer@AmericansElect.org. To become a Campus Leader, please fill out this form.

Be an active Delegate

If you want to be more involved, but can’t commit to a role as a Delegate Leader or Campus Leader, then you can still help:

  • Encourage friends and family to sign up for Americans Elect by talking to them about it, sending emails, and posting links to www.AmericansElect.org on Facebook and Twitter
  • Host a meet-up at your house or in your community – or attend one nearby
  • Post an Americans Elect sign in your yard, put a bumper sticker on your car, or wear an AE t-shirt with pride

Remember, no act is too small. Everything you do to help spread the word about Americans Elect makes a difference. Thank you for making history with us!

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