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The Right To Work vs Union Membership

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear Robert,

You and I are among the nearly 80% of Americans who agree with the Right to Work principle that union membership should be strictly voluntary.
It’s vital we make sure that whoever challenges the union-label incumbent President Barack Obama opposes compulsory unionism and supports Right to Work 100%.

That’s why the National Right to Work Committee developed a short, comprehensive survey for the Republican presidential contenders.

Question #1: If elected, will you support legislation to repeal the provisions in federal laws which authorize compulsory union dues?

That legislation is the National Right to Work Act (S. 504). It simply removes those provisions in the National Labor Relations Act and Railway Labor Act that authorize union bosses to demand the firing of workers who refuse to pay union dues or “fees.”

And get this — it doesn’t add one word to federal law.

The National Right to Work Act’s impact, however, would be anything but simple. Compulsory unionism corrupts the political process and empowers union bosses at the expense of rank-and-file workers.

And it’s a job killer.

But President Obama not only opposes Right to Work, his administration has rewarded its Big Labor backers with yet more power over workers and the economy.

That’s why the National Right to Work Committee’s 2012 Presidential Survey also asks the candidates additional questions about other enacted or proposed Big Labor power grabs supported by the Obama Administration.

I [the author]  just took the survey. I urge you to take it too.

That way, if any of the candidates refuse to take the survey, you’ll be able to tell them it only takes three minutes to fill out — and how important it is they go on record against compulsory unionism.

Each GOP presidential candidate is trying to court voters in the wide-open elections in the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, three states where support for Right to Work is expected to be critical.

Both Iowa and South Carolina have longstanding and popular Right to Work laws, and as you know, South Carolina is the site of the Boeing plant the Obama Administration wants to shut down to appease Big Labor.

And earlier this year, the New Hampshire state legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill to make New Hampshire the 23rd Right to Work state before Democrat Governor John Lynch vetoed the bill.

It’s vital we inform Right to Work supporters in these three states where the candidates stand.


Sheila W
National Right to Work Committee

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